The 11 Best Apps Every College Student Needs To Have

The 11 Best Apps Every College Student Needs To Have

Discover the essential mobile apps that can optimize college life, from efficient studying to budgeting and meal planning.

April 06, 20234 min readMoney

Key Takeaways

Essential AppsPurpose
ProductivityNote-taking, scheduling, managing homework
FocusTime management and concentration tools
LearningAccess to courses and educational resources
LifestyleMoney management and meal planning
Well-beingHealth and sleep regulation

At Wiredinnovator, we understand the chaotic life of college students. Balancing lectures, studying, work, and social life can be overwhelming. But technology can provide a helping hand! The apps we've meticulously curated are tailored to streamline various aspects of collegiate existence.

Ultimate Note-Taking: Microsoft OneNote

OneNote reigns supreme for corralling class notes. Its ability to organize content, sync across devices, and integrate multimedia makes it a lifesaver for students swamped with information. Bonus: OneNote's free model means high-end note-taking doesn’t cost a penny.

Download: OneNote for Android | iOS (Free)

Cloud Storage Savior: OneDrive

OneDrive elegantly safeguards your documents in the cloud. Snap photos of notes, convert them to PDFs, and kiss the fright of lost flash drives goodbye. But do keep an eye on the 5GB limit; anything beyond might require a paid plan.

Download: OneDrive for Android | iOS (Free, with plan options)

Maintaining Focus: Forest

Forest harnesses gamification to bolster your focus. The app's principle is straightforward: stray from your phone and nurture a virtual forest. Yield to temptation, and the verdant oasis withers. Cultivate discipline and productivity one tree at a time.

Download: Forest for Android | iOS (Free, with in-app purchases)

Comprehensive Organizing: Notion

Notion, your digital life consolidated. Envision a unified space for notes, tasks, budgets, and class projects. Notion embodies organization, allowing you to declutter your digital footprint into a manageable and efficient hub.

Download: Notion for Android | iOS (Free, with plans)

Enhancing Education: Coursera

Courses OfferedStudy Convenience
Over 7,000 CoursesLearn from Anywhere
Accredited LecturersMobile Access
CertificationsExpand Knowledge

Coursera is the modern-day library of Alexandria for students who crave knowledge beyond the classroom. Browse through thousands of courses from reputable institutions, all in the comfort of your dorm room.

Download: Coursera for Android | iOS (Free, with plans)

Homework Helper: Brainly

"When in doubt, Brainly it out!" Brainly marries AI with expert knowledge to form an academic superpower. Pose questions, dive into research, and access a colossal repository of books for that pivotal assignment.

Download: Brainly for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Document Digitizer: Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is more than mere scans; it’s a digital revolution for your study materials. Capture, edit, and organize documents with finesse. Merge files into PDFs, declutter your workspace, and step boldly into a paperless world.

Download: Adobe Scan for Android | iOS (Free, with premium features)

Alarm with a Twist: Alarmy

Alarmy transforms waking up into a game, ensuring you tackle the day bright and early. Shake your phone, solve a puzzle, or take a snapshot to silence the alarm. It’s a quirky but effective method to leave the comfort of your sheets.

Download: Alarmy for Android | iOS (Free, with plans)

Financial Finesse: Money Manager

Money Manager by Realbyte offers an eagle-eyed perspective on your finances. Keep your budget tight and your expenses tighter with nifty categorization and insights. Prep for adulthood with skills in fiscal responsibility.

Download: Money Manager for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Meal Planning Made Easy: HelloFresh

HelloFresh simplifies meal planning for the perpetually preoccupied student. Pre-packaged ingredients plus foolproof recipes equal a stress-free dining solution. Wave goodbye to ramen nights, and say hello to nutritious, chef-level concoctions.

Download: HelloFresh for Android | iOS (Subscription required)


College doesn't have to be a continuous juggling act. With the right apps, you can transform your smartphone into a Swiss army knife of educational resources, organizational tools, and personal betterment.


Q: Can these apps fit all college students' needs?

A: Absolutely! Whether you're an art major or an engineering whiz, our app selections bridge disciplines, aiding in common college challenges like note-taking, study scheduling, and budgeting.

Q: Are there free options available for students on a tight budget?

A: Yes, many of these apps offer robust free versions. However, for more advanced features, some may have paid plans that are often worth the investment for the added functionality.

Remember, Wiredinnovator is here to guide you through the labyrinth of technology, innovations, and resources that can elevate your college experience. Explore other resources about money on our site to enrich your academic journey.