Aesthetic of Old Money Fashion Brands

Aesthetic of Old Money Fashion Brands

Decoding the essential brands defining the old money aesthetic in fashion and learn the underscored elegance that sets them apart.

December 03, 20235 min readMoney

Key Takeaways

Old Money Brand AestheticDefined by timeless, understated elegance, high-quality materials, and avoidance of overt branding.
Billionaire Wardrobe EssentialsKiton suits, Cesare Attolini attire, and Italian designer casual wear such as sweatsuits and jeans.
Transition to Casual WearPost-pandemic, an increasing number of billionaires are swapping suits for high-end casual attire.

As purveyors of style at Wiredinnovator, we continuously study the fashion choices of the ultra-wealthy. We've discerned a particular interest in what we refer to as 'Old Money Brands'—a collection of designers whose clothing is synonymous with enduring affluence and understated sophistication. These brands epitomize an aesthetic appreciated by those whose wealth has spanned generations, often including aristocracy and the most discreet of millionaires and billionaires.

Among the esteemed labels, Kiton and Cesare Attolini stand out as beacons of Italian sartorial excellence. Their appeal isn't just limited to style connoisseurs; they garnish the wardrobes of influential leaders and business magnates around the globe.

The Essence of Old Money Brands

The quintessence of an Old Money brand resonates with not what is seen but how it's perceived. Billionaires across the world select these brands not for the logo but for their unparalleled craftsmanship and the quality of materials like cashmere, silk, and the finest wools. We're particularly fond of Italian luxury, where houses like Kiton and Cesare Attolini reign supreme.

These houses cater to the connoisseurs of Italian luxury, offering suits that are at once iconic among billionaire CEOs and political leaders. It's likely that the sophisticated suit gracing the silhouette of your boss comes from one of these heralded institutions or something akin within the same aspirational circle.

How Billionaires Casually Dress

Gone are the days when being irreproachably dressed meant donning a rigid three-piece suit daily. In our present era, we've noticed a significant shift as even the most well-heeled individuals embody casualness. Post-pandemic social norms have broadened the confines of acceptable billionaire attire to include designer Italian sweatsuits and Italian designer jeans, shifting the focus to a blend of comfort and luxury.

  • Kiton and Cesare Attolini: Not just for formal wear, they also offer casual pieces for the discerning elite.
  • Italian Sweatsuits: A preferred choice for air travel and informal gatherings, marrying comfort with designer appeal.
  • Designer Jeans: A surprising trend among the rich, signifying a nuanced transition to a more relaxed wardrobe.

Interpreting the Old Money Aesthetic

The Old Money aesthetic resides in the quiet luxury of timeless pieces that reject the fleeting allure of trends. This design philosophy extends beyond fashion into lifestyle, with interiors echoing the same sensibilities: rooms adorned with rich upholsteries, thick carpets, and inviting textures that speak more of heritage than of the temporary.

In wearables, the preference for bright, clean colors and fine fabrics remains unhindered. Sweaters, linen suits, and accessories like silk scarves embody the Old Money essence, with logos noticeably absent for the charm of 'stealth wealth.'

The Origins of Old Money Style

The allure of Old Money has been magnified in contemporary society, tracing back to the Gilded Age's magnates who lived expansively and exclusively. This historical prestige has been popularized by modern media, leading to a resurgence in appreciation for the aesthetic championed by aristocratic dynasties.

Wardrobe of the Wealthy: What Billionaires Wear

In exploring Old Money brands, we recognize several that are emblematic of this restrictive yet alluring world:

Kiton: Synonymous with Italian excellence, adorned by the world's most influential as a statement of power.

Cesare Attolini: A paragon of Italian tailoring, these suits are the armor of choice for those who move the world.

KNT (Kiton New Textures): Offering a sportier edge, KNT reflects the casual but refined trends taking over classic menswear.

Santoni: Their handcrafted shoes and sneakers offer a sophisticated foundation for any businessman's casual ensemble.

Brunello Cucinelli: Renowned for its cashmere, this brand represents the intersection of old-world luxury and modern sensibilities.

Fioroni: A craftsmanship marvel, offering artisanal cashmere pieces that are as discrete as they are luxurious.

Tramarossa: Purveyors of the finest denims, this brand caters to billionaires who prefer their luxury understated but unmistakable.


The Old Money Brands we've showcased today are more than just labels; they're a testament to the lifestyles of the incredibly affluent. They serve as benchmarks for quality and eternal style. At Wiredinnovator, we celebrate these masterpieces and the distinct panache they bring to those who understand the true weight of heirloom-quality fashion.


  • Q: Can billionaires wear jeans? A: Yes, luxury brands like Tramarossa make jeans especially for the high-end market.
  • Q: Are these brands affordable? A: These brands are typically priced at the premium end, reflecting their quality and exclusivity.

Remember, fashion is not just about wearing it's about inhabiting a piece of art and history.